5 Hottest Designs of Bridal Chura 2018-19


 5 Hottest Designs of Bridal Chura 2018-19 by PTJ

There was an era when the only thing Brides cared about was their Bridal Lehnga. But with the increasing love for Chura, Kalira & Bridal Jewellery. Brides nowadays take a different route, where they first decide their Jewellery, Chura, etc. and choose their lehnga in sync to that. With these growing Bridal Concerns, each bride is always conscious about choosing the right Bridal Chura for her Big Day. We, at Punjabi Traditional Jewellery have got your back for this. Below are the hottest Chura Designs of year 2018-19. 

1. Bronze & Maroon Wedding Chura

If your lehnga is Ivory or any other subtle colour, this is the right pick for you. The maroon stands out enough over your subtle lehnga while the bronze karra bangles compliment the lehnga shade.

2. American Diamond & Pearl Wedding Chura

A very fusion oriented Bridal Chura. The karra bangles in this are American Diamonds as well as pearls which makes it easy for this one to be wore with Traditional Lehnga as well as an Indo Western one.

The Color of the regular bangles is basic red Chura Shade which makes this design a good to go with literally any outfit out there. If you don't want to risk it with the chura and play it safe, the pick is easy!


3. Peach Kundan & Pearl Wedding Chura

If your going all Dark with your Lehnga, more of the side of maroon. You can do wonders with choosing a very subtle coloured Chura like this one, mainly because of its peach dominant colour.

Peach was not always a Bride's colour but since last half decades, the experimental nature of our Brides gave this shade quite a kick and looks like its here to stay.



4. Red Oversized Kundan Wedding Chura

If you are obsessed with Kundans, here is a treat for you. A kundan lover will any day pick this shade regardless of suggestions of whosoever.

Since last decade, the innovation of introducing Kundans to the Bridal Chura has been a game changer. Big sized Kundans in your jewellery and even in your Chura creates a different magic of everything merging so well.

When there is way too much of sharp detail in your lehnga, this is the option to choose as a chura. When you chose a chura with a lot of details as of lehnga, you give a lot of work to the eye sights to notice than appreciate at the first sight.




5. Dotted Red Traditional Wedding Chura

Well, some designs come, stay and fix up their feet in the fashion forever. This traditional dotted chura has been every brides favourite since last decade and has never stepped down from its grace and brides's preferences.

If you are wearing Traditional Jewellery & your Lehnga too is within traditional genre, there is absolutely nothing better than you can pick. Probably, the classiest traditional option out there.

Recently, we even saw Soman Kapoor choosing this style of chura for her wedding day.


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