Gearing Up to be the BEST Bridesmaid this Punjabi Wedding? Read the guide here!


Punjabi weddings are on its way, and the invitations for such marriages will start coming to you very soon. A wedding is once in a lifetime ceremony, so people wish to look their best on these occasions. If you are someone who will be witnessing your friends getting married, you have to do a lot of preparation.

There are many people to take care of a bride or a bridegroom, but if you are going to be a bridesmaid, you need to groom gorgeously too. You don’t want to fade when you stand with the bride. You want to look as beautiful as the bride is. Isn’t that true?

Matha Patti Set and Math Patti and Tikka along with Polki Set Jewellery can be in your mind.

Well, Punjabi Traditional Jewellery has got some exclusive ornaments for you to be the best bridesmaid this Punjabi Wedding.

Polki Collection:

Our Polki set for the wedding has a wide range of lustrous and mesmerizing ornaments from Churra to Tikka. All are designed in such a way which makes you stand out by adding to your beauty. Our Gold Finished Baroque Polki Earrings with ring combo is one of our best collections.

You can visit our Polki Set Jewellery collection section to find the best match for yourself.

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Matha Patti:

Matha Patti and earrings are something without which your wedding look is incomplete if you want to dress up traditionally. Well, do you want to have that?

All the beautiful glossy stones with the intriguing matrix on these pieces can do awestruck anyone. The delicate dreamy blue and lipstick red like colors used in these Matha Patti and Tikka makes you look more traditional.

Gold Finished Kundan Matha Patti is one of such pieces. See our Matha Patti Bridal section to find some more luscious pieces.

Bridal Mattha Patti

Earring Tikka:

Our Earring Tikka set collection offers many options. The collection like Marhaba Hand Painted Pippal Patti, Rubby Tikka and Earrings, Maharani Kundan Pearl ChadBali Earring Tikka set and Amirah Golden Kundan Pearl Earring Tikka sets will look splendid on anyone. Don’t forget to visit our Earring Tikka section to check out these pieces.

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