5 Trending Kalire Designs


The umbrella shaped Kalira hangings are an essential part of the Buy Punjabi Jewellery as they symbolise happiness and eternal love for the newly-weds. The coconut shape of the Kalira is symbolic that their new home should never run out of food and the metal signifies prosperity and wealth in abundance. The Kalira are tied by Bride’s sisters and friends to her Bridal Chura. Many a times, the Kaliras are encrusted with dried beetle nuts, dry fruits and coconut. They are meant to give good wishes to the bride and also to remind her of her friends and cousins.

The Kalira Ceremony then advances further with the bride shaking her Bridal Chura on the heads of all the unmarried girls present in the ceremony. It is considered that if any part of the Bridal Kalira falls on the head of any unmarried girls’ head then she will be the next to get married. The next day after completion of wedding ceremony, one of the Bridal Kalira is left at the temple with the priest for wishes and blessings and the rest are kept by the bride herself as a memory of her parental place and also as a memento of her wedding day. Check out these beautiful Kalire Designs at 

1.     Delicate Diamond Kalira

These Diamond Kalira will add the right amount of bling to your Punjabi Chura and will also enhance the beauty of your complete ensemble. 

2.     Chandelier of Pearl Kalira

If diamonds are too blingy for you then go for these classy Buy Pearl Kalira. They add the elegance factor to your Bridal Chura

3.     Treat of Tassle  Kalira

Tassles are all around these days, be it any piece of jewellery. Hence, opt for these Buy Tassle Kalira and mark your chique style statement. 

4.     Glittering Kundan Kalira

The Kundan Kalira along with Kundan Bridal Chura will take your bridal ensemble to many notches up as they will add both style and shimmer to your attire. https://www.punjabitraditionaljewellery.com/collections/kalira/products/ptj1-218

5.      Traditional Kalira

Again, we all love the traditional hint when it comes to Indian celebrations. Opt for these Buy Traditional Kalira for your wedding and to mellow down things you can opt for a different tone of your Bridal Chura such as Pink Punjabi Chura

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