• 5 Trending Kalire Designs

    5 Trending Kalire Designs
    The umbrella shaped Kalira hangings are an essential part of the Buy Punjabi Jewellery as they symbolise happiness and eternal love for the newly-weds. The coconut shape of the Kalira is symbolic that their new home should never run out of food and the metal signifies prosperity and wealth in abundance. The Kalira are tied by Bride’s sisters and friends to her Bridal Chura. Many...
  • The Essentials Of Punjabi Bridal Jewellery

    The Essentials Of Punjabi Bridal Jewellery
    Wedding is the most special occasion in everyone’s life and it goes many notches higher if we are talking about Indian Wedding. Indian Weddings are celebrated with great enthusiasm and has a pop of colors with beautiful wedding attire and sparkling glint with ornate jewellery. With vast diversity in culture, Indian weddings go a long way in different regions and the most extensive one...
  • The Significance of Bridal Chura Ceremony

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    The Significance of Bridal Chura Ceremony
    A Punjabi Bride’s attire is incomplete without the red and ivory bangles. The spectacular combination of bangles adds the right shade of bling to enhance her complete ensemble. The wedding bangles are known as Bridal Chura are part of Punjabi Traditional Jewellery and is lot more than just being an accessory. Traditionally the Buy Punjabi Bridal Chura consists of 21 bangles in maroon/red and ivory/white color...
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