The Essentials Of Punjabi Bridal Jewellery


Wedding is the most special occasion in everyone’s life and it goes many notches higher if we are talking about Indian Wedding. Indian Weddings are celebrated with great enthusiasm and has a pop of colors with beautiful wedding attire and sparkling glint with ornate jewellery. With vast diversity in culture, Indian weddings go a long way in different regions and the most extensive one is none other than Punjabi Wedding.

Punjabis are known for their high on spirit weddings and that also includes their Punjabi Traditional Jewellery. The striking jewellery accessories from head to toe add glitter to her look which also compliments her wedding attire and overall personality. There are various Bridal accessories but only few of them are essential as per the Punjabi Traditions.

Necklace Set

The necklaces are heavy and ornamental and are usually made of gold. The elaborate designs and patterns of the necklace add allure to the extravagant attire worn by the bride. These days the necklaces are available in various designs with diamonds, pearls, kundan, gemstones and others with matching set of earrings. If you are looking for necklaces or ranihars then check our Buy Punjabi Bridal Jewellery


Along with the traditional Bridal Chura bangles which are gifted by the bride’s uncle, the Punjabi bride also wears gold bangles to add flair to her jewellery. Usually these bangles are simple and slim but with changing times they too are available with intricate designs and add elegance to the bride’s hands. For latest bangle designs you can visit our website and check our bangle collection.


The Bride wears an engagement ring after her official Kurmai and continues to adorn this engagement ring on her wedding day. Along with this ring, the bride also wears gold rings to add more lustre to the attire. If you are looking for such beautiful rings then click Buy Punjabi Rings Online.


The most common head accessory for a Punjabi Bride is a pendant Tikka; the styles vary from simple to elaborate as per the bride’s preference and her other jewellery. Check out our latest Best Punjabi Tikka


An ornate nose ring known as a nath is worn by Punjabi Bride which is gifted by her maternal uncle. It is usually embellished with pearls or other small jewels and the size and style may vary. For beautiful Nose rings check our Punjabi Nath Collection 

Punjabi Bridal Chura with Kaleere

The Punjabi bridal chura usually comprises of red and ivory bangles and is gifted to the bride as part of pre-bridal customs and are worn for few months after the wedding to symbolize her status as a new bride. Punjabi Kaleere are gold or silver plated, dome shaped ornaments that are attached to the Bridal chura. Punjabi Kaleere are embellished with beading and strings to enhance their look. For latest designs and styles of Bridal Chura and Bridal Kalire you can check our website collection.

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