The Significance of Bridal Chura Ceremony

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A Punjabi Bride’s attire is incomplete without the red and ivory bangles. The spectacular combination of bangles adds the right shade of bling to enhance her complete ensemble. The wedding bangles are known as Bridal Chura are part of Punjabi Traditional Jewellery and is lot more than just being an accessory.

Traditionally the Buy Punjabi Bridal Chura consists of 21 bangles in maroon/red and ivory/white color combination in each hand. However, the bridal chura underwent many changes along with the changing times. Be it the trending pink chura or the name tags in traditional chura designs. The colors of the chura represent prosperity and the bracelet set is perceived symbol of woman’s marital status. It also denotes that she’s a newly-wed bride.

If we talk about the significance of Punjabi Chura Ceremony then that involves a deep dive into Punjabi Customs’ history. All Punjabi traditions are respected till date and the chura ceremony is definitely an important one amongst all. As part of the Chura Ceremony, the bride receives a set of Buy Bridal Bangles gifted by her maternal uncle and aunty (Mama & Mami). The bangles are first washed in milk and rose petals and then eased on to the bride’s wrist by her uncle assisted by her aunty.

The Chura ceremony is a big event which takes place an eve before the day of wedding ceremony. All the guests present gather around to witness this ceremony and they also shower the bride with numerous gifts as a token of love and blessings.

You may also hear the phrase Chura Churana for this ceremony because after the maternal uncle and aunty help the bride to put on the chura they are offered a drink of milk as a mark of respect and to celebrate the last eve of the girl with her family and also because the word churana actually means to put on.

Initially the bride used to wear the chura for an year but nowadays they opt to wear it for 40 days. The bracelets and bangles start to lose their color and also interfere with their day-to-day activities of modern lifestyle. For intricate and beautiful Punjabi Bridal Chura Designs check our website and adorn your Chura Ceremony with our wide range of traditional jewellery for your grand wedding.

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    I bought my chura from you last year, and I got married in August 2017. I have not taken a single bangle off and my chura has stayed on for a year! Still the same colour, no fading :)

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