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Trending Bridal Chura Designs

Our Indian Weddings are a lavish affair in terms of celebration and traditions. Being an extravagant occasion we love going overboard with colors, fabrics, decorations, jewellery, food, etc. Punjabi Weddings in particular have the most vibrant customs and one of them is the Chura Ceremony where Punjabi Brides wear custom made Bridal Chura which holds the significance of their marital beginning and are worn by newly-weds only.

Here, we have listed out 5 most trending Punjabi Chura Designs which you can buy from www.punjabitraditionaljewellery.com Buy your favourite designs of Punjabi Bridal Chura without actually roaming around here and there.

1. Wedding Chura with Name

Customized bangles have the most unique beauty factor with them. Brides these days like to proclaim their marital status by engraving their name along with their partner’s name on Bridal Chura. Check our beautiful Punjabi Chura Designs and get them customized with your name game on https://www.punjabitraditionaljewellery.com/collections/churra

2. Kundan Bridal Chura

The beautiful Kundan stones adorn the traditional chura designs and add the tinge of glitter and glamour to your Bridal Chura. These stones look very good in the photographs and match the glint of joy hidden in the bride’s eyes. Get the wide range of Kundal Bridal Chura on 

3. Red Chura

The color red resonates the marital bliss as per Indian customs and stands prominent as the color of bridal dress and wedding décor. Hence, even when girls opt for Bridal Chura, the most coveted color is Red and can never go out of trends either. Get the perfect shade of Red Punjabi Chura at reasonable price on https://www.punjabitraditionaljewellery.com/collections/churra/products/ptjex-ch-564

4. Pink Chura

No one said that the Bridal Chura has to be specifically in red and white. These days, brides are opting for Churas which match their complete ensemble and Pink Punjabi Chura is definitely among the top most colors. Get your Pink Chura here https://www.punjabitraditionaljewellery.com/collections/churra/products/ptjex-ch-563

5. Traditional Punjabi Chura

Irrespective of the colors, designs and trends, there is nothing a Traditional Punjabi Chura can’t beat. The authenticity of traditional colors and designs is something that always catches your eyes. They look simple yet classy. Check the range of Traditional Chura at Punjabi Traditional Jewellery https://www.punjabitraditionaljewellery.com/collections/churra/products/ptjex-ch-561

Latest Punjabi Bridal Chura | Buy Bridal Chura Online

  • July 09, 2018
  • Abheyjeet Singh
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